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Welcome to the Mediterranean Garden Society Western Australian Branch Suggested Plantings for Western Australia Website

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About the  Mediterranean Garden Society Western Australian Branch

The Mediterranean Garden Society is a non-profit association founded in Greece with members in 38 countries. Local branches plan their own activities ranging from lectures and demonstrations to garden visits and expeditions to areas of floral interest. The society is organised entirely on a volunteer basis both at the central and at the branch levels.

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A mediterranean climate is defined by rainy winters and hot, dry summers where drought can last for months.  Many plants are dormant during the summer. The mediterranean climate exists in countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea as well as areas of California, Australia, Chile and South Africa.

The Mediterranean Garden Society Western Australia (WA) branch has developed this website to assist people to grow climate appropriate plants in WA. Members share their experience of suitable plants for the mediterranean climate areas of Western Australia (Perth through to Esperance).

Home: About

Format for planting guide submissions

Members may submit information as follows:

  1. Press submission form button. Fill out the form with the following information.

  2. Plant name (botanic and common)

  3.  Description, 20 words maximum

  4. Light requirements, 10 words maximum

  5. Water needs, 10 words maximum

  6. Soil type (eg. Sand, clay, loam), 20 words maximum

  7. Name

  8. Photograph  in JPG format. Submit by separate email to email address known to members.

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Pictorial index of plantings 

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